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Getting a degree in psychology not only means learning about how the brain works, as well as how people think and behave, but it is also an opportunity to develop skills that can and will be used regularly in the future. In fact, one of the most useful things we learn as behavioural scientists is to be critical consumers of information. In her teaching, Veronica believes it is her job to get students excited about psychology by making it relatable to their everyday life.

 Modules/Courses Taught:

  • What's Love Got To Do With It? Understanding Romantic Relationships

  • Applied Psychology *

  • Special Topics in Social Psychology *

  • Preparing for University Psychology *

  • Employability Modules in Psychology *

  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Self & Self-Esteem

* Module/course was team taught.


     Research Projects

Veronica is always keen to hear from students interested in completing a research project related to her area of research in romantic relationships. If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student who would like to work with Veronica, please feel free to get in touch to discuss potential projects. Click here for more information about her current research. 

Here are some of the projects students have completed under Veronica’s supervision in the past.

Recent Postgraduate Dissertation Projects:


  • Samuel Ingram: Self-Curated Temptation: Attention to Alternatives in the Age of Social Media

  • Daniel Jolles: Who will I be when I retire? The relationship between work commitment and self-concept change in retirement.


  • Abbie Cottrell: The path to self-destruction: How self-esteem predicts an emotional interpretation bias when deciphering ambiguous information.

  • Athen Marrison: The effect of individual differences on predicting the type of maintenance strategy used in back burner relationships.

  • Emma King: Individual Differences in Relationship Social Comparisons: The Influence of Self-Esteem on Assimilation Effects and Cognitive Interpretations.

  • Gladys Hernandez: Previous victimization and its influence on conflict appraisal and resolution styles in current relationships.

Recent Undergraduate Honours Projects/Dissertations:


  • Natalia Baginska: Does satisfaction predict post-traumatic growth following relationship dissolution?

  • Kelsey Boatswain-Medlar: Do individual differences in self-esteem predict sexual assault risk?

  • Oreoluwa Onaloye: Do masculinity threats lead to the endorsement of sexual coercion?

  • Summer Smith: Do people use sex as a way of drawing closer to a partner following a relationship threat?

  • Zamena Suleiman: Your actions make me sick: Disease vulnerability & forgiving interpersonal transgressions.

  • Bethanie Thorn: Mateguarding and purchasing decisions: How jealousy may influence what people would like their partner's to wear.

  • Katie-Lee Ward: Perceived-other self-control and offers of support.


  • Alexander Davis: The impact of expectancy violations on relationship perceptions.



Diversity Statement
I am committed to encouraging diversity and inclusion in my teaching, mentoring, and research.